Live on £1 a Day: Hannah Day 3

I’m afraid it’s another repeat of yesterday, minus the tea…


Still porridge and it’s very boring with no fruit or sugar in it. I might try adding a little blackcurrant squash (neat) although I might just ruin the whole dish and wouldn’t want to waste any of it… Still thinking…


Just the soup again as I’m working late tonight so thought carrot sticks would be a good snack again.

We’re doing a collection at Carrow Road ahead of the match, and so I ate about two tablespoons of cold baked beans about 5pm to stave off the hunger before I got tea. It did help, but all the smells of fish and chips, burgers and bacon sarnies were tough going during the evening, as were all the fans eating sausage rolls on their way to the game! But keeping busy helped me not think too much about food and even though we were collecting food, I actually felt OK. Plus we collected 47 crates of donations as well as lots of very generous cash gifts so that was a great evening’s work!


I got home at 9.30pm and I probably could have gone without tea, but as I was soaked through, I really wanted something warm so had pasta with some tomatoes, chickpeas and sardines.

I think the weekend is going to be hard, even though I’m over half way now, because I’ve not got much planned and I usually snack even more than normal and drink a lot of tea…

I was really delighted with the response to the Carrow Road collection – the foodbank is really well stocked with baked beans, pasta, soup and cereal and yet because these are staple foods that are practically breakfast, lunch and dinner, these are some of the most donated items. Yet we requested milk, instant mash and tinned potatoes and these were really well represented tonight. Thank you all who give and thank you to all who get in touch every week to find out what we are most in need of – this is really helpful to keep stocks up of our most needed items. Do bear in mind that foodbanks in different areas have different needs so if you are able to donate, please do check with your local one to see what would be most helpful.

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