Live on £1 a Day: Kathryn Day 1

Here we go…!

Breakfast – cornflakes and milk

Lunch – pasta, vegetables with stirred in soft cheese

Tea – spaghetti hoops & potato wedges
Drinks – water & diet cola

I work in the city centre – so there is an abundant choice of food available at lunchtimes etc.   Brownie points that I actually remembered to bring in my lunch today; I was afraid I’d leave it in the fridge. I’ll admit that I was peckish around 10am – and would normally have had a snack or some fruit at this time. I had a walk at lunchtime around Chapelfield park – normally the smell of chips from the market doesn’t bother me – today it was torture.

The afternoon ‘crash’ is the worry – but I’ll push through.   For the record I really don’t like the Aldi diet cola….!

Tea was disappointing if I’m honest – very metallic taste to the value spaghetti hoops but the potatoes were quite filling.

I had to review my choice of TV in the evening as I sat down to watch my recorded episode of Bake off – that was a mistake as it made me crave sweets / sugar. All adverts seemed to be food related too – or chocolate related as Easter is fast approaching. Never bothered me in the past but when food is on your mind my focus was drawn the number of food related advertisements.


For many people, eating what you want when you want is possible and that is something to be so grateful for. Others – who we see every day at foodbank and those we hear from who struggle to access our support – have such limited choices that the things we take for granted are out of reach for them. If you’re in the first group, practice gratitude and take a moment each time to be thankful for the choices you can make. If you’re in need though, don’t struggle in silence or alone – there are plenty of charities who can help (including us!) so do get in touch and ask for help. 01603 251733 or

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