Live on £1 a Day: Kathryn Day 2

Breakfast – cornflakes and milk

Lunch – pasta, vegetables with soft cheese

Tea – spaghetti hoops (with cheese stirred in) & potato squares

My meals today are an exact copy of yesterday – this is going to be the issue today I believe, just repeating the same food.   My challenge will be to make potatoes different to yesterday – not sure how but I’ll try!

However, it was clear that there were other more pressing problems to face today:-

Problem 1:   Realised I’ve left my bottle of diet cola in the fridge – so will have to rely on water today… or if someone offers to make a cup of tea I’ll be grateful.

Problem 2:   It’s someone’s birthday at work.  The obligatory email comes around that there are treats and iced ‘things’ in the office and to come and help yourself.  I shall be avoiding that office all day…..!

Problem 3:  Had to go to Tesco Express in city centre to buy some emergency sanitary products; thought I had a stock at home but was wrong.  Walking into the brightly lit shop past all the Easter eggs, biscuits, sweets and fruit was incredibly hard and took a lot of will power.

Question:  made me think about people on tight budgets.   We have limited our budgets to food products but in reality should I require other products what choice would I make? There is a lot of press about ‘period poverty’ and this brought it to focus this morning and made me grateful that I don’t ‘have’ to make this choice today.

What I do know is that Norwich foodbank is really well supplied by donations of towels and tampons which can be distributed alongside food parcels and so I’m pleased to know that women in need won’t go without these essential items.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit grumpy today (and this was witnessed by colleagues and family alike) – maybe the fact I’m having withdrawal symptoms from sugar – or that I expect to be grumpy so I am?!

So day 2 drew to a close – a successful but tiring gym session, but a genius idea of making spaghetti hoops more tasty helped.  I still avoided some TV to stop the onslaught of food adverts. Early bath and bed again…!


Norwich foodbank’s priority is of course food, when it comes to items being donated, but essential toiletries are great if you are able to donate these extra bits. Due to all the press about period poverty, the foodbank is very well stocked with sanitary items, but things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shower gel, shampoo and toilet rolls are all pretty important in daily life and would be appreciated by the foodbank. Check with your local foodbank to see if they have specific needs in this area!

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