Live on £1 a Day: Kathryn Day 5

Breakfast – cornflakes and milk

Mid morning – left over beans & potato pie

Lunch – pasta, vegetables with soft cheese

Tea – potato squares and cheesy hoops

On the home stretch – yet another long boring day loomed ahead. This made me think about the mental health and isolation that strict budgets could affect. Most social activities are around food or drink. The weather was horrid – so even going for a ‘free’ walk wasn’t possible.

I ran out of diet cola on Saturday night – I never appreciated how much I drink and just having water was tough for a full day.

I really needed to do my food shopping for the week ahead – but couldn’t face going to a shop and buying food I couldn’t eat. Decided what I had in the freezer and cupboard would have to suffice.

Living alone isn’t an issue for me – however, I felt lonely, isolated and tired all weekend, wWithout someone to talk to or be able to go out and about.


I have learnt so much from doing this ‘challenge’ – on many levels.  It has been amazing seeing and hearing the debates it has caused at work and home.

It has made so grateful for the freedom, convenience and support that I have taken for granted – I am so much more aware of how living on a restricted budget affects all aspects of life.

I think this has changed me in more ways than I thought it would.   More aware of food costs, making wise budget decisions and not taking for granted things I did before.

This is often a ‘hidden’ subject – no-one walks into a room and announces they are living on £5 for 5 days like I did.   We don’t know who is struggling or having to make these choices on a daily or weekly basis.

Would I do it again?  Yes I would – but I’d make different choices. Some spice or flavour was needed.  However the humble, versatile potato was a revelation!


If you are interested in taking part in this Lent appeal, or in any of our other appeals – #40for40 (putting aside 40p for the 40 days of Lent and donating this, with gift aid if possible, means we receive £20); Give up and Give (give something up and donate what you would have spent on that item during Lent) – it’s not too late! More information is on our website and if you’d like to make a donation towards our work, we have giving options via PayPal and Local Giving. Our Local Giving page for Lent 2019 is here:

We have three more supporters Living on £1 a Day for 5 days, so keep following and sharing this blog to get their experiences shared and to increase awareness of those who we support on a daily basis.

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