Live on £1 a Day: Imelda Day 3

Morning observations – cheap loaf of bread has more slices as cut thinner, therefore goes further!

Tea is definitely a diuretic, particularly effective with no dehydrating alcohol or coffee!

We were just thinking about the shopping we did this week and how much of the stuff is available in the foodbank boxes that Chris helps put together in his volunteering role within the warehouse. It made us realise even more how helpful – no, essential – the foodbank support is and how sad it is in this day and age that so many people need this kind of support.

Another thought… We know the importance of education and knowledge to healthy living and good budgeting, so would it be helpful to put a photocopy sheet with a Jack Monroe recipe or two in the foodboxes as meal suggestions? I believe Norwich foodbank has been donated a complementary copy of the book from the author who sounds like she would allow copyright for this purpose?? I am sure funding could be found for this. [see notes at the end for an update…]

Wow! Chick pea and peach curry is going to be on our menu again! It was quite delicious! I was feeling hungry as I had done Pilates today and over 4 hours working in the garden and needed something both filling & tasty!


Well Imelda, great minds think alike! Norwich foodbank did indeed receive a donation and, like many foodbanks across the UK, are the proud owners of Jack Monroe’s ‘Cooking on a Bootstrap’ cookbook! Many of the recipes included can be made using foodbank donations (i.e. tinned / long life items), with only a few cheap additions in some cases – just an onion and some garlic in many of the recipes.

With permission from Jack, we have been trialling recipe kit bags at one of our busiest centre, with really positive feedback! We’ve mentioned previously, and it’s echoed in this blog, that tight budgets can lead to limited choices and trying a new recipe with different foodstuffs to what you would normally buy / choose, can be very high risk. The recipe kits give the opportunity to try new dishes with all the items and instructions, so very low risk.

Keep following these blogs to find out more and check out Norwich foodbank on social media (facebook, twitter and instagram) to see more of what Norwich foodbank is doing.

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