Another Day in the Life…

… Hannah, Project Manager, Wednesday 12th January 2022

8.30am In the office, catching up with colleague and on yesterday’s emails and messages including finishing prepping for talk to a church on Sunday, organising and thanking a donor who’s offered to help supply fresh items for a distribution centre’s community cafe and ensuring all relevant people are aware of a change in venue opening hours at another centre in relation to our weekly stock deliveries

9.30am Zoom call with area manager at Trussell Trust, chatting about current challenges / changes due to covid, e-vouchers, data reporting, stock management and communicating to our donors.

10.30am Continue with emails (‘can I do my year 10 summer work experience with you?’ ‘please make an urgent payment through Energy Bank for my client who is in emergency credit in their electricity account’, ‘I have covid and can’t collect my food parcel, can you help?’, ‘can we please reschedule this afternoon’s meeting?’) and admin tasks including job applicant shortlisting for interview, updating my calendar and to-do list for the week, scheduling a few posts for our social media channels this week.

11.30am Troubleshooting a new added security feature on the tablets used at our distribution centre for logging e-vouchers. Needed to do this by phone, email and on a spare tablet in the office. Success! One centre done, eight to go…

Chat with office colleagues about revamping the office to ensure best use of space for 3 permanent desks, 1 volunteer ‘hot’ desk and better storage. We will start moving desks and equipment later this week!

With an office volunteer, go through the latest bank account statements and ratify / reconcile / annotate expenses and income on accounting programme.

Finished the newsletter and printed copies for Sundays talk, along with copies of the Prayer Letter. Emailed out Prayer Letter to our mailing list.

Received a request for a client to have an Energy Bank voucher, but their supplier is one who won’t accept the vouchers we use (we’re not the only one with this issue). Spent 40 minutes on the phone to energy supplier to get nowhere… Arranged with the referrer a different solution.

4.30pm Loaded up the car with 15 food parcels out of 26 to help a driver who couldn’t manage two trips this week and couldn’t fit all 26 boxes in her car (neither can I!)

5.15pm Unload at the distribution centre (which is on my way home, not entirely self-less!)

Home and relax; logging onto #charityhour on Twitter at 8pm to share ideas, hear new things and network with other charities.

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