Live on £1 a Day: Hannah Day 2

I went to bed reasonably early (for me at least!) last night as I was feeling hungry and that was making me restless and bored so bed seemed like a good solution.


Same as yesterday…


Same as yesterday… Although I didn’t eat my carrot sticks as I thought I’d need a post-gym snack later. I got caught up at work at 12,30pm ish and so didn’t have my cuppa soup until just after 2pm which was actually quite good as I knew I’d have tea quite late today. I need to tell my colleagues I appreciate them as I received another 2 cups of tea this morning, but am always in the office alone on Fridays so I should have savoured that second cup as it’s the last until Monday.

I went to the gym with my friend as usual and completed almost my entire work out (I only missed 2 exercises and one was because the machine was occupied). The company was great and gave me a boost, plus I wouldn’t normally eat until after the gym, so it didn’t feel abnormal to be hungry. I did feel a little weak generally as the hour went on, but this may be psychological as I expected to struggle more than I did. I won’t go again during this period, but I wondered how I would feel doing a workout a few more days in, rather than just on the second day.


I got home just after 7pm and had munched on my carrot sticks during my journey home. I realised though that I was eating them quite mindlessly, and I often do this – eat something in the car or in the evening because it’s there, and don’t always consider if it’s actual hunger or boredom or convenience. I stopped eating the carrots so I have an evening snack if needed. I cooked a portion of pasta, added some chickpeas and roughly a third of a tin of sardines in tomato sauce. It was delicious and, although I may be overthinking this, I’m not sure if it was just the variety of not having the same dinner as yesterday following the same breakfast and lunch.

Tomorrow I’m working very late and am still trying to decide what to do in between hopefully a late lunch and a very late tea. Not really a dilemma, but planning ahead is much trickier with so little to play with.

Today, I delivered a food parcel to a person in need who is both diabetic and has no access to cooking facilities after being placed in a hotel awaiting a housing decision. The items I put together could just about be considered ‘meals’ and while they were really appreciated by the recipient, it made me think how much more difficult it is to live on a tight budget with even just one added complication, let alone two.

If you’re thinking of getting involved or supporting the foodbank, please consider donating ring-pull tins or even tin openers – we often get items given back when parcels are handed to people who don’t have what many might consider the basics.

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