Live on £1 a Day: Angie Day 4

Woke up feeling remarkably good! Probably still the endorphins from running last night, but I think my body is also getting used to the reduced amount of food it is getting. Took the dogs for a walk and then did some weights when I got back before having my shower.

Lunch today was pasta, not too exciting as it was just tinned tomatoes, butter beans and onion, but there was lots of it and it definitely filled me up. So much so that I didn’t manage to eat it all. My colleagues are still supplying me with tea throughout the day and it is definitely appreciated!

Tea tonight was simply jacket potato with beans and the tiniest bit of cheese. We used up the last of the potatoes, but there were only small ones that were left and it didn’t look as though I had that much on my plate; however it did fill me up. I have to say that drinking water all evening is getting a bit boring. I would have liked some squash, but that will have to wait until day 6.


Universal Credit (UC) has been in the new a LOT over recent weeks, months and possibly even years. At foodbanks across the country, clients are attending because of difficulties transferring (or ‘migrating’) from one benefit to UC, because of making an initial claim of UC and waiting – on average – 5 weeks for the first payment to be received and issues around budgeting with fluctuating monthly amounts.

The Trussell Trust are running a campaign called #5weekstoolong to call on the government to end this initial waiting period. Have a read about it all here: and if you want to support this campaign, do sign the petition (link in the page) – over11,000 people have signed up already!

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